Direct Solution is the complete solution for your products repair, refurbishment, operating call center, and logistics requirements. 

We have built relationships with a lot of companies in Korea & China by providing an unbeatable range of warranty and logistic solutions.

Direct Solution has built a stellar reputation through dependable and consistent quality and on-time performance. We have secured our position as a reliable business partner by maximizing Customer Satisfaction with our environments in employees, equipment and efficient business processes

Direct Solution provides powerful call center solutions, state-of-the-art repair and advanced logistics facilities in the US. We recognize the importance of optimizing the value in your supply chain and focus on Customer Satisfaction, quality, and performance.

Our customized web based programs provide real-time access on inventory and customer service status.

Direct Solution specializes in electronic devices and IT devices including appliances, security products and phones. We are OEM certified to perform repair and refurbishment including board swap, component level repair, and advanced logistics. We provide in-warranty and out-of-warranty services. Manufacturers.

Consider Direct Solution, your partner in forging an enduring legacy of preeminent Customer Service.


- On Line Sales Fulfillment

- Ocean/ In Land Trucking

- Customs clearance 

- EDI capable

After Sales Support

- Call Center

- Tech Support

- Repair & Parts supply 

- Return Processing & Reverse logistics

- Refurbishment